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New Child Safe Blinds for Foundation Class at Carnarvon Primary School Bingham.

We were contacted by Carnarvon primary school to see if we could offer some advice about the best type of blinds to be installed in there foundation class. After visiting the school to conduct a free site survey, a discussion was held with the business manager Rose Pigula.

From the guidance that was offer by our professional sales staff. The decision was made to install, dim out spring loaded roller blinds using a fire retardant material. We chose this product because:

  • Spring operated rollers are safe by design and child friendly. As they have no operating cords, so children cannot get entangled if playing near the blinds. The blinds are also installed at a high where the children cannot operate them.

  • The dim-out fabric helps reduce glare of the sun into the classroom so that it is comfortable for working environment for the child and staff to, while still allow the room to be filled by natural daylight.

  • The fire retardant material was also chosen as it inherently safer than standard fabric and can also be of benefit for insurance purposes.

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To add a little of a fun factor to working with the school order blinds Nottingham also provided the school with some of our peel and stick temporary blinds. Our temporary blinds are made from a stylish pleated paper design, so they can also be decorated. Because of this factor, the Y4 children were chosen to decorate a temporary blind so that it could be used to cover a window in an area that was used as the Santa grotto at the Christmas fair that held on the 28th Nov.

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