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Bring the warmth of Wood into your home with wood venetian blinds.


The benefits of wood venetian blinds are extensive. They offer a stylish and practical solution for dressing a window that allows you a high level of control over the amount of light and privacy that enters the room.


Because wood is a natural insulator this style of venetian blind will also work to keep your fuel bills down by locking the heat into your home. Studies have shown that blinds can offer energy saving benefits of up to 25% compared to a home with nothing at the window at all.


Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Our collection of aluminium venetian blinds come in over 100 slat colours, and in a 25mm wide slat are available as a free hanging blind or made in a perfect fit frame as shown to the left. These are perfect for conservatories or UPVC French doors as there are no hanging cords and no drilling required either.


We also offer a range of 50mm wide venetian blind slats which are combined with a wooden pelmet, bottom bar and decorative tapes to make a fusion of aluminium and wood.  

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Venetian Blinds For Every Room Of The House.


We offer an extensive range of venetian blinds to suit almost any situation or budget. Click here to see our full range of venetian blinds. The collection includes real wood venetian blinds, aluminium which is available as both a traditional free hanging blind or for UPVC windows we can also mount this in a perfect fit frame so that they can be fitted without the need for drilling.


Finally we offer a range of venetian blinds made from a composite PVC. These are designed to imitate wood and work brilliantly in bathrooms where the moisture would cause a real wood venetian blind to warp over time or  in a commercial property where the blinds you require need to be fire retardant.

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